Pavo makes DeFi & Yield Farming simple.

Pavo allows you to manage all assets at your fingertips.


Asset Management

Manage all your on-chain investments in one place with a seamless and simple user experience. Pavo will be the bridge for you to enter the Web3 world.

Multi-chain assets
No barriers to entry
Secured and fast interactions

Optimized Revenue

Pavo’s mission is to become an aggregator that provides stable, optimized and long-term profit, which is the foundation of sustainable investment.

Auto compounding
$Pavo token
Bonus and insured
profit from Treasury

Pavo Treasury

To help users maximize revenue, Pavo has devised a unique strategy. In addition to traditional automatic compounding, Treasury enables Pavo to provide users with additional profits and higher yields.

Sources of fund

The initial Treasury fund comes from the fair launch event of $PAVO. Subsequently, part of Pavos platform fees will be deposited in the Pavo Treasury.


All LP assets collected in the Pavo Treasury will be used to provide liquidity and earn profits. These profits will be used for multiple purposes, including rewarding stakers as a bonus, reinvesting, repurchasing and burning $Pavo.